Young onset dementia may mean...

The following has been drawn from our experience of working with people who have young onset dementia. People are not all the same.   Having dementia may mean

  • I can forget things very easily even when they have happened very recently.  However, I can often remember things from longer ago – especially things that happened when I was a child. 
  • I may be confused by my surroundings and can easily get lost.
  • I may experience hallucinations which can be very frightening.
  • I am sometimes restless and like to walk.  Please give me space.
  • My dementia might make me loose inhibitions and I might say and do things I wouldn’t have done before.  I might enjoy dancing and singing – even if I didn’t before.
  • Because of my confusion and forgetfulness, I can become very anxious.  Please let me know that all is well.  Please don’t leave me in this state.
  • Sometimes the confusion can make me depressed and lose motivation.  Please help encourage me to do things.  It can make me feel better.
  • I may not recognise the people around me – I might think I know you when I don’t, I might think I don’t know you, when I do.  Please don’t get upset.
  • I sometimes forget words even though I know what I mean to say.  Please give me time.
  • Please speak clearly and slowly and give me time to answer.  Do not give me lots of information at once.
  • I can be happy and enjoy things as much now as I did before.
  • I may enjoy things I have always enjoyed as well as new things.
  • I like living as normal a life as possible – I just need help to do it.
  • I used to be independent, have a normal life and make my own decisions.  I don’t want to change more than I have to.

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