Young onset dementia events

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Upcoming young onset related events include   

The Young Dementia Network is running a monthly series of FREE young onset dementia webinars.  Details of the webinar programme can be found here.  

The Many Faces of Dementia in an online training course which focusses on four rare dementias, commonly experienced by younger people.  Sign up or find out more here.

The items below may be subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic  Please contact the organisation's directly to find out the current situatiion with the courses listed/

Buckinghamshire Mind has relaunched Care in Mind, a service to help those diagnosed with young onset dementia and their family members.  Care in Mind is a six week course, that is available free of charge across Buckinghamshire, funded by HEETV.  The course will create a safe space for people with young onset to meet others with the diagnosis and share experiences, enhance their self-esteem, increase social contact and build a sense of purpose back in their lives. Contact Lizzie Dick on 07944 309414 or

Dementia Carers Count run a three-day Dementia carers support course for young onset dementia family members / carers.  Find out more on their website here or an article about the courses here.

Dementia Pathfinders run a two day course, Approaching an Unthinkable Future: Understanding the support needs of people living with young onset dementia.  For full details, visit their website.  Courses take place throughout the year. 

The Huntington's Disease Association run certified training courses for professionals and bespoke training sessions to educate people about the condition.  Find out more here

If you are looking to do an online course that features young onset dementia, we recommend The Many Faces of Dementia which focusses on four rare dementias which often affect younger people. 

If you would like us to share information about any young onset related event, please email us. 

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