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Although anti-dementia medication only helps us to cope better, and does not stop brain damage, it should be offered as soon as possible after diagnosis.  Treatment delayed, is treatment denied!  The earlier we start medication, the higher our remaining level of function.

- Christine Bryden, diagnosed at 46 with Alzheimer's disease

There are treatments to alleviate some symptoms of some dementias and you may need to explore which ones work best for you.  Whilst there is currently no cure for dementia, increasing research is focussed on prevention, early detection and delaying or halting the progression. 

Preventative treatments

A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to us all.  Many doctors advocate eating a Mediterranean diet as a possible way of preventing chronic diseases, including dementia.  Getting a good night’s sleep and keeping your brain active are also thought to be beneficial.  High cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart problems are all known to increase the risk of vascular dementia.

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