You walk away from the doctor having been diagnosed with dementia and nothing's changed, but everything is different.

- Ken, diagnosed in his early 50s with young onset Alzheimer's disease

The onset of dementia at a younger age can have an enormous impact on your relationships with your friends, family and colleagues.  There are people who may struggle to understand and adapt to the changes living or working with a person with dementia brings.  You may find some people you know cannot cope or do not want to face up to your diagnosis and gradually they might no longer form part of your life.  Others will show their love for you by supporting you in a range of different ways.

Family dynamics and friendships can alter as your role within a family or social circle changes.  This can be difficult to deal with on all sides and people may take time to realise that you are still the same person, you are living with a condition that you did not have before.

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