Our charity

YoungDementia UK is a charitable company based in Oxfordshire.  The charity comprises a dedicated, knowledgeable team of trustees and staff, volunteers and inspirational members whose lives have been changed by young onset dementia.  We learn from each other and together are always seeking the best ways to make the most of life with young onset dementia. 

The team’s expertise has been developed and refined since 1998 by face to face, in-depth, long-term relationships with individuals with young onset dementia and their families.   

We know that, in most of the UK, the support needed for people in their 30s to 60s with dementia is not available.  The consequence of this gap is unfulfilled potential, wasted years and lives made unbearable. 

So we are on a quest to make sure that there is a welcoming sense of community in the young onset world.  We want to enable personal experience to be shared, information to be exchanged; we want to influence others who can make a difference, and we want many more people to be inspired, like us, by the extraordinary strength of those who live with young onset dementia, day in and day out.   

Tessa Gutteridge, Director

On 1 November 2020, YoungDementia UK merged with Dementia UK.  More information about the merger can be found here.

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