Network Steering Group

The Young Dementia Network is a collaboration between individuals and organisations with the aim of improving services for people affected by young onset dementia.

Collaboration is also what inspired the creation of the Network Steering Group.  Our members include a mix of those affected by young onset dementia, clinicians, researchers and a range of service providers who together guide the development of the Network and its activities. 

The Steering Group

  • Guides the development of the Network
  • Provides professional credibility for the Network and its activities
  • Via its workstreams, creates guidance, toolkits, policy and campaigning materials
  • Uses its professional networks to promote the work of the Network
  • Ensures the development of the Network and its activities are guided by people affected by and working within young onset dementia.

Members of the Steering Group volunteer their time to attend meetings.  Find out more about the Steering Group members here

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