Coronavirus & dementia

The current coronavirus pandemic is a worrying time for everyone and the impact of life in lockdown has brought changes to all our lives, but for people whose lives are also affected by young onset dementia, it has raised lots of additional issues and challenges.

So we have asked people to share their stories of life in lockdown with us.  They have told us how they have adapted, what they are doing to keep busy and have shared some of the challenges they are facing as well as positive things too.  You can read their stories below.  

Stories of people living with young onset dementia
Gail's story
George's story
Hints & tips for lockdown
Keith's story  |  Keith's story part 2
Nigel's story

Tracey's story
Top lockdown tips from the YoungDementia UK PACE group
Wendy's story

Stories of family members 
Christine's story |  Christine's story part 2
Jane's story 
Mick's poems 

Stories of professionals supporting people affected by young onset dementia 
Dementia Carers Count's story
Liz's story (YoungDementia UK)
Rare Dementia Support's story
Tori's story (Dementia Together, Suffolk)

If you would like to share your story with us, please email us

For more information about resources and support, you may find these websites useful

NHS - advice and information from the NHS - information from the government about protecting yourself, financial support etc.
3 Nations Dementia Working Group - fortnightly Zoom sessions on a range of dementia-related topics and social catch ups for people living with dementia
Alzheimer's Society - has published a guide which shares their five top tips for individuals volunteering their time as part of the coronavirus response to support people living with dementia. 
Dementia Carers Count - virtual carers centre with lots of useful information for family members.
Dementia UK - coronavirus hub on their website which shares information for families looking after someone with dementia. 
Innovations in Dementia - new resources, guidance and videos for volunteers who are supporting people living with dementia during the coronavirus crisis including helpful tips around transport, deliveries and keeping in touch using Zoom. 
Rare Dementia Support - section on their website dedicated to sharing practical tips, information and resources about coronavirus and what is means for people living with dementia. It includes specific information about caring for a person with bvFTD during times of isolation. 
tide - host a weekly Zoom wellbeing session for carers as well as online support, resources and information.

If you would like to share your story or what your group or organisation is doing to support people living with young onset dementia during the coronavirus pandemic, please email us.

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